Inspired by the 2020 Global Pandemic COVID-19.  Hollywood is temporarily closed and actors are furloughed.  Writer|Director Jeanette saw the need to write about what is happening in the world today.While practicing social distancing and self-recording from their  homes, we created a series!  A pinch of drama and a few dashes of excitement with a twist... we bring to you... "CORONA BLUES"

Epis. 8-"All Lives Matter?"

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About Corona Blues

COVID-19 Pandemic has rippled the world with its deadly effects, leaving many people without proper means to sustain their livelihood.

Hollywood has temporarily closed, causing many actors without jobs or furloughed.  Ladies in Film & Television nonprofit (Formerly Headline Mentors & Performing Arts) is seeking support from the community to provide temporary support to Actors and their families in need.

We will take anonymous requests for support, review them, then disburse support as needed.  Our goal is to provide gift cards (cash cards) to help with groceries and personal items they many need.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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The Pandemic has taken a turn and we are now faced with Systemic Racism which has sparked protests and marches across the world.  Dr. Morgandale has allowed her past to come back to haunt her.  Tonia wakes up. Patricia stands up.  Tune in for the Season Finale!

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 Are you an actor? Need help? Pandemic has drained your resources? Fill out form the form below.  We are taking anonymous requests for support for the Actors Relief Funding.  We are in this together.